Iron Core CrossFit

An other fun Crossfit event where I was lucky enough to vend.  Having known the owner of Iron Core CrossFit; Jason Walsh as one of my first trainers from Flower City CrossFit I already new that this was gonna be a good time. And that it was. I watched a lot of athletes go at it in four person teams; all ages and ethnicities just having fun while getting an amazing work out in all at the same time....

177 Tapas

 This restaurant is more than just a bite a drink and a dance.  If your looking for an experience then this is what you have to come see to believe.  
The feeling is more like you are on vacation in the inner city of some festive Spanish town. The staff greets you like you are a celebrity and the dim set atmosphere with the ambiance of a romantic scene definitely more than sets the mood....

Quads N Gladiators

Quads and Gladiators is an idea given to me by Jeff Rice the Owner of Flower City CrossFit. I have been going there for over four years now. I just started attending these tournaments per the request of Laura Rice to vend at their in house competition. I was blown away by the amount of people interested in wearing some GodsNGladiators gear. By the time they hosted the WNY Masters Team Throwdown I...

Wodchster Games

Vending at the Wodchester Games

at CrossFit Rochester

What a blast, a ton of amazing athletes.  The atmosphere was fun and intense.  These work outs are challenging and a lot of people came out.

One of the best things for me was seeing my friends rocking my gear as a team.  This is what I live for!  So glad I could be a vendor and have skilled athletes decked out in my apparel.  Such a feeling.

Vending at CrossFit Webster

 Tournaments like the WNY Masters Team Throwdown where I sold a ton of the Gladiator Helmet Tee's thanks to Laura Rice of CrossFit Webster, I can say it is a great example of how the CrossFit community have shown that there are no boundaries in fitness. The fact that there is such a wide age demography shows you how the community breaks social stigmas and gets everyone under one roof. There is a...

Collaboration Work - Alex & Alexi

I've been working with my friend Alexi on a remix he made of one of my pieces.

Purchase a 24" X 48" print on canvas by contacting him or me. 

Below is the original piece before he remixed it.

 Below are some stencil pieces we made.

The Wolf Pin

I have been working with my friend Raven on a design she happened to like on my Instagram page. She is a big fan of selling and collecting pins so she had some made with my art work.  

We also decided to make a small batch of thirteen T-Shirts to match with the pins.  If you want one of the Pins or T-Shirts you have to contact her on Facebook.  

She is the only only one selling them as she takes...

Playing Cards & Collages

I was recently fortunate enough to have some personal work displayed at Artisans Direct.  Each piece is made out of playing cards and spray painted card board, used some Sharpie and Magic Marker too.  

Queen of the Sunset

I couldn't sleep one night so I found a Piece that I started with sharpie on paper board.  I just started adding Water based Screen Print ink to it like it was paint.    

Collaboration Work - Nikolas Thiveos

Designs By: Nikolas Thiveos (Honorary GNG Member for life and after life)

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with my nephew Nikolas with Acrylic on canvas;

I was really lucky wen he let me dissect his one piece and add my thing...

Collaboration Work - TSANG

Polo Limited / 4 Printed S-XL $25

Instant Photos By TSANG (Honorary GNG Member for life and after life)

Made as a collaboration of analog and digital technologies. Each image is produced by instant film photos. All created by vintage 35mm photographic slides dated 1950-1969 found and Paid for at estate sales, garage sales, and antique stores. The photos are then arranged, scanned, and printed.
And to...

Collaboration Work - "Florina and Rochster have loads of explosions"

"Florina and Rochster have loads of explosions"

Don't lose site of what's important! Take that frustration, anger and pain and turn it in to something positive and don't look back! Strive for prosperity against all odds.  


Acrylic on Canvas

A collaboration of Cousins, Nieces and Nephews.

Nikolas Thiveos, a young artist (my nephew) form the Country of Greece had a vision of art that we...