Collaboration Work - "Florina and Rochster have loads of explosions"

"Florina and Rochster have loads of explosions"

Don't lose site of what's important! Take that frustration, anger and pain and turn it in to something positive and don't look back! Strive for prosperity against all odds.  


Acrylic on Canvas

A collaboration of Cousins, Nieces and Nephews.

Nikolas Thiveos, a young artist (my nephew) form the Country of Greece had a vision of art that we set forward with the help of Anastasia Manou, Marianthi Thiveou and Colleen Truax Yarger. 

This was a special treat for me as I was able to focus time on two things that I love; my family and Art.  We all contributed.  It was exciting being that we had at any time 5-20 people running around the house as we had all gathered in Florina, Greece for the first time ever with so many people.  And of course the gathering was in honor of my first cousin; Flora (still a baby to me) getting maried.   

The house was always in motion as we set  forth to put acrylic to this blank canvas in the main dining room table.  God forbid we would have to clear everything up for lunch, which consisted of more food than a village could handle.  But after days of constantly adding more and more to the art piece it was clear we were achieving our goal.  

In this process I really had time to get to know my family that lives on the other side of the world, some who I have met on this trip.  Much fun! An experience I will never forget.