Ways the CrossFit Community Has Helped this Small Business Owner Grow His Printed Shirts in Rochester

crossFit community printed shirt business in rochester

CrossFit has led to me, and many others, making friends in this world, whether you are trying to or not. Why do we need friends? Because we are human and everybody wants someone to talk to every now and again. Especially when you’re a small business owner and you spend a lot of time alone. Attending and participating in CrossFit has helped me to not only grow as a human, but also to grow my printed shirts business in Rochester.

CrossFit People are NOT Scary

One thing I love about Flower City CrossFit is the level of respect you are greeted with. This is something a lot of people fear when going somewhere new; gym or not. So many times I have heard from friends that they are scared or they are not going to fit in.

Stop thinking on that level and ask yourself what you can learn! There are so many people out there that miss out on opportunities because of fearing fear. Don't get it wrong; you are not going to be friends with everybody in life and this does carry through to where you exercise. But overall, the CrossFit Community is nice to have a place to go where you have people that care about your general well-being and take the time to help you. So when you recognize that… stay!

Why is This Shirt Guy Talking So Much about the Rochester CrossFit Community?

I myself never thought that my printed shirts business in Rochester would spill in this side of my life in the manner that it did. But when you start showing to people over time that you are capable of something they really do reinforce that in you with support! You are human! People learn from others. They grow on each other. Then you start learning from each other and feed off this energy that one can create and share as they grow!

That's one of the most fundamental things about life is that you are constantly learning. And people like to help people! The CrossFit community has brought me a lot of business. I was always experimenting with my work and being able to adapt to the environments theme can be challenging when applying art to it. But with effort and constantly experimenting with designs over time I found my niche.

At first, I think as an artist it was fun and challenging, but on the business side of things I wish I was faster in developing this skill set. Time is hard to grind through when things don't come to you right away. The experimenting was costly too. Mistakes don't only take time; they take money and well needed inventory so you have to keep an eye on all sorts of things.

Once I felt I had a grip on a style, I tried to use it as much as possible at first to get it out of my system. As an artist if I like something then it's on my mind a lot so why not use that inspiration?

Creating art can be stress relieving when in the moment. I can get in a zen-like mode where nothing else exists. I am in tune with my motives and I my human body goes through the motions and I am in the brain the entire time. It feels more like a dream or meditation as I laser focus in on my project. This is usually more likely to happen when drawing for me. Or when I am in the middle of a WOD (Work Out of the Day) at the gym and you want it to end so badly.

Those moments of extreme fatigue during the workout are so mentally and physically challenging that I have to drive through it all. The reward of simply finishing is so gratifying. The direct correlation to relieving stress to me is hand in hand. That sounds strange that something stressful relieves you later on but the reflection and frame of mind you are in when combined with this most exhausting work out can have extremely beneficial mental affects long-term.

When you start to make friends and share all this together it really creates a bond that can only be used as a foundation to the overall community. If that person next to you is in the game too then synergy is made, there is a force that two or more souls can create that even witnesses feel. There is a reason stadiums get packed and the roar of the crowd can be felt. This community thing is of high importance and should be more of the mantra at events. 

When CrossFit Community and Printed Shirts in Rochester Collide

The coolest thing is when two things that you love collide. This happened when I was able to design and provide the shirts for an event at my CrossFit gym, Flower City CrossFit, called WODmageddon. It was amazing to be a part of the event on more than just a workout level.