CrossFit is Art? How this Rochester Printed Shirt Business Owner Gets Creativity for Design

crossfit is art?

Art is so psychological and to apply it to sports and the idea of representing you as a human being. For example, you are thoughtful as to what you wear or, in my case, design for others.

Athletes are just as fickle as the next market segment and when it comes to things like Graphic Design. When you consider things like colors and garment selection you have to think on a community level and not one particular athlete.

When designing printed shirts in Rochester, I have noticed it is better to keep it simple. I have been known to have "flare" in my work and garments altogether. But that "flare" can be too much in different settings so I have had to learn to turn it down… Way down!

When it comes to the masses and making a design that fits everyone's desires you are never going to satisfy every single person. So the best way to handle it is start simple and build on it.  

In general, the rule for art for social settings like sports is that less is more! Take a look at sports logos and what has been used as far as amount of colors and shapes. They are often simple in design but are very effective in marketing. The result is a very recognizable logo that stands out quicker to the intended audience. Not much intricacy is used. Once the design and uniform is set and people are happy, the added value of having custom designs for a competition can really help create a longer lasting effect.

Why People Like Having Printed Shirts at Events in Rochester

People love to have memorabilia from special events, such as WODmageddon at Flower City CrossFit, and shirts are great way to keep your brand in people’s minds long term. And this in overall helps build a stronger bond in the community. As an artist this gives me a lot of gratification to have had a long lasting part in it.

In settings like CrossFit, when you and the person next to you are out there giving your all; you’re gonna have something to relate to. It’s nice to know you have that connection. We have emotions and it's really good to share them and be aware of the fact that going to the gym helps put a lot of daily stresses in check. Like in a major way!