Flower City CrossFit WODmageddon & Rochester T-Shirts for the Event

People keep asking me if I still do CrossFit. Yes! I go to Flower City CrossFit!

There are many reasons why I do CrossFit; the overall health benefits that exercise brings are what you pay for. But then also the not so much talked about side of things too. 

Since CrossFit is so effective, a good portion of people stay for the long term. So inevitably there is a lot of spillover to other parts of life that continue to be and grow stronger together. This includes businesses, relationships and everything in between, including the art I designed for the annual Flower City CrossFit event; Wodmageddon. 

For this event, the event planners wanted a Rochester T-Shirt that fits not only Rochester, NY, but also this particular event.

So, What is WODmageddon and Why is a Custom Shirts Site in Rochester Talking About It?

WODmageddon is an event planned for everyone in the Flower City CrossFit community to get together and not only work out, but also encourage and support each other to do their best. It takes place in December, the month of holiday events and parties when our workouts sometimes take a backseat to shopping, family events and end of year things for work. It’s a great way to get together, complete an intense workout in a competitive but encouraging way, and then spend some time with each other after!

WOD stands for “Workout of the day.” When you attend a CrossFit class, this is the workout you will get! A CrossFit workout is designed to coach people of all shapes and sizes and fitness backgrounds to improve not only their physical wellbeing and cardiovascular health, but also encourage them emotionally. CrossFit can be seen as a hardcore workout, yet the community is generally very accepting and encouraging.

The Wodmageddon event is one of the larger semi-regular events at Flower City CrossFit. Since I love CrossFit and I’m known for providing the coolest printed shirts in Rochester, I was glad to help out and come up with a custom designed shirt for this Rochester, NY event.

Designing a Custom T-Shirt for a Rochester, NY Event

Designing the shirt for this event was a labor of love as I have grown to love the stress relief that CrossFit provides. The best part was that I got to combine my love of art as well! We went with an army green t-shirt and a custom design. It was the perfect complement to the WODs planned for the day.

To me, CrossFit is important on so many levels, but the three main reasons are community, art and stress relief. I’ll elaborate more on these reasons in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

If you’re in need of custom designed shirts for your next Rochester event, give me a shout through my contact form!