Forge Fitness - CrossFit Chilli-Summer Smackdown

As the compositions continue a request from some friends to provide an American flag themed shirt was just in time for me to be able to have it ready for Summer Smackdown at Forge Fitness Home of CrossFit Chilli.

I had some work of an American Flag that was infused with the Rochester, New York Flower City logo

rochester ny infused american flag

Summer Smackdown was a great success a lot of fun for the competitors. It is a beginner & intermediate competition so it's always very exciting to see what happens at these events. People always outperform what they were expecting. It brings the best out of you and is healthy for the community. Watching your friends achieve levels of physical excellence is always intense as you just see them fight for it. Always thrilling!

Having my art on these athletes is also just as satisfying. It takes so much to produce and I never thought CrossFit would be one of the vehicles to bring in business for me. Not also has CrossFit brought a curtain sense of discipline to my work ethics but it provides for a community of support financially and mentally.

Having completed any CrossFit workout that literally takes all the life out of you makes looking at a pile of paper work a lot less daunting. Yes as an artist I do paper work! If I can complete some of these work outs then I can get through the day also.

crossfit american flag artwork

mens american flag shirt custom artwork

custom flag shirt artwork