Greek Festival 2017 Rochester NY

It was truly an honor to finally give back something meaningful to the Church I grew up in; 

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Growing up with both my parents from the "Mother Land" I was constantly at the church on East Ave. I was bombarded with art and culture. My earliest thoughts go back to sitting in liturgy and being struck by the Icons on the walls. They made me think about life, reality my mere existence on this planet. This church showed me the beauty of "ἀγάπη" Love!

As the festivities bring people in I wonder how many were actually provoked by my art to come. As the Greek Festival is well know and many anticipate it yearly, I'm sure my poster is not the only form of advertisement as word of mouth is king. Prior years speak for themselves and believe me I am asked a million times about the fest prior to its start.  

The fun brings many together, a lot of people love the dance. This amazing form of exercise is such a great way to be active and get in a great workout. You meet people, socialize and then enjoy some great Greek food.

The donations this year fromThe Rochester Greek Festival Philanthropy Program will be given be give to 13thirty Cancer Connect Inc. They are a non-profit organization that focus on adolescent & young adults with cancer with an international reputation for their work.  

I truly hope this art piece below can contribute to the continuing love & generosity that this Church has displayed to me on to the rest of the community.

greek fest 2017 poster