Kill Cliff Granite Games 2017

Being an athlete may mean you are more of an artist than you realize.

Having to take your body to the next level is no easy task. This requires time & devotion, the kind that tax the soul and keep you physically sore pretty much all the time. With out proper nutrition your body doesn't make the gains. So it takes thought to make sure you are indeed making the right meals. On top of that lies the question; who will prepare that nutritious meal? Are you going to cook it? If so; that makes you a very hard worker in deed. The management & time planing is one thing. There is execution as well, you still need to make it happen. Nobody wants to eat bland meals so those of us who wish to stay healthy and eat food with flavor that we prepare ourselves must be creative and in most cases also fast. So getting artistic in the kitchen begs me to ask the question; is fitness the ultimate art form?

team flower city crossfit at the kill cliff granite games 2017

Then comes the gym......OMG the gym! Yes you are in there and doing your thing but how and where and what on God's green earth are you wearing?

Team Flower City CrossFit at The Kill Cliff Granite Games

These souls that layer their body with muscle from constant gym devotion can just look so statuesque, it can blow my mind. The physique is beautiful and celebrates the glory of the human race. Big, tall, thick, whatever, it's all about you and your body being a vessel that has mental and physical accomplishments that happen to make you look wonderful.

crossfit shirts for competitions

Putting on a garment can only mean so much, as it does, don't get me wrong I am not denouncing my occupation in life. What I am stating is that when you peal down your layers you are left with you and only you. If the mental accomplishments don't out way your physical accomplishments then you may be missing the purpose of most gyms. Again not to say the physically healthy gains aren't important. Health is a key factor in your mental frame of mind. It goes full circle and all ties in to each other.

crossfit community - flower city crossfit competition shirts

So get healthy, feel that healthiness and go enjoy it with good people!

It takes that combination of extreme focus, diet & training to create your external shell of armor but then sometimes you have to put on clothes. That's where Gods N Gladiators has found a groove with local CrossFit competitors.

As the Granite Games came closer to game day I was asked to help design some team uniforms that have made it to the arena. And this combination of beautiful athletes wearing GNG gear while competing is a great display of art from all ends of the spectrum.

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