Neighbor Works 2017 Art

Neighbor Works is celebrating those in the Rochester community who serve us. Those who put in time to better our neighborhood and ask for nothing in return. It's these people who are making our streets safer and more pleasant to be in.

Real day Gladiators!

It was a true honor to have my "One of One" posters framed and used as the awards, what a feeling!

From left to right:

Andrea Morrison

A man who gives free haircuts to those who are struggling by the hundreds and gathers people from everything to "Cut the Violence" event to offering guidance to those in trouble.

Mrs. Piper Daily-Seman

An active leader in the Edgerton Neighborhood and known for being a team leader in the city's :Clean Sweep Program". She's an intricate part in bringing safety and awareness to her community.

Geri & Joe Machado

This couple is known for holding community outreach programs and acts of kindness that have helped build stronger bonds between neighbors.

Kelly Bush (her sister is accepting the award for here)

A member of the Monroe Ave Merchants Association (MAMA) she supports many neighborhood initiatives and projects to make the area look prettier to working better. Her love for what she does shows in her constant support of any initiative put before her.

Nolia Brooks

Known for constantly cleaning and planting flowers in the PLEX area. She is also known for her support in the Day of caring by United Way and the city's "Clean Sweep Program". She also plans social gatherings and heritage celebrations for the neighbor hood.