The Festivus Games at CrossFit Silver Fox

Yet an other great time watching some really unexpected things happening while vending this years Festivus Games at CrossFit Silver Fox. I had to leave my booth quite a bit to see what all the screaming was about. All I could hear was people yelling out things like "Yeahhhhssss a 20 lb PR" I heard it more than once and it was great to see one of my friends hitting those 200lb plus squat cleans during a competition for the first time.

The crowd is roaring and the athletes are giving 110%, all ages too. I love seeing people above the age 55 in the arena. The excitement is too much, especially knowing that this comp is meant for the those who aren't so experienced in the gym. So if you are looking for your first rodeo this might be the one for you. You don't have to be the best at these competitions but you must give it your all!

In the end I was lucky enough to say both 1st & 2nd place winners were both wearing Gods N Gladiator T-Shirts.


festivus games winners 2017 crossfit silver fox