What to Know About Screen Printing Your Own Work

Before you jump in to the screen print world ask yourself these questions.

what to know about screen printing your own work

Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

There is a work load involved with screen printing before you ever even get near the press. Work that will get you wet & dirty beyond belief. Your on your feet a lot and you get sore form pulling the ink through the screen believe it or not! If this is something your not used to I would compare it too working in a kitchen. There is a lot going on and its easy to get hurt.

Do you have the budget?

If you don't love this then it would be wise to work somewhere before you invest in your own equipment. I worked for a screen print company after getting involved with this world and it was one of the smarter things I have done. Getting your footing in this game is not for the faint of heart. If you can't go days to weeks maybe even months with out sales then you have to keep your day job until you have your network built up. Depending on how well you have work coming in is one of those monsters you have to put in check. There are so many different ways to make money screen printing so you may think you will enter a specific market but when that dries up then move on to an other. I never though I would even do custom work but when opportunities came in I had to put the personal art a side to make some bread for those difficult economic times.

Do you know how to market your work?

Which brings me to making sure the money is indeed coming in. Networking sounds like fun but believe me you will learn quick that it is a vast ocean out there and there are a lot more big fish than you can possibly imagine. You are constantly being compared to the next shop. People squeeze you for every penny. Even when you deliver quality on time don't expect to just have payment simply handed over as agreed in paper. So you have to hustle and be savvy about the business side of things. Again; an other monster for your print shop.

Are you in it for the long haul?

I haven't even started asking questions. There is so so so much more I can talk about. Like what to do when your desk top printer wont work and you need to print the transparency paper for the screen and of course the job is due that day. Or what about when your blank t-shirts come in the wrong quantity and colors and your supplier says its gonna take weeks before they're restocked. Anyways, what I am saying is that you better love this because it is a living, breathing thing. You will go insane over things you never thought were possible. But if you find satisfaction in your work and the result of your print; then proceed.........with caution!

I work in my house in my garage where its dirty, grungy & cold in the winter & hot as hell in the summer. Take a really short look behind the scenes of actual printing and tell me is this what you want to do?



If so; then get ready to grind because it's just one stage of the work involved. If not then I understand you there too.

Either Way ......Enjoy!