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Pay Tribute to Your Hometown with a Rochester Skyline Shirt or Other Styles

Whether you are one of the many people who are fortunate enough to have grown up in Rochester or you have been drawn to the city that you now love, you understandably have many reasons to appreciate living here. Its stunning natural beauty and cityscape, robust culture, nightlife, and overall friendly vibe are only some of the many things that you may regularly appreciate about Rochester. Rochester is also home to numerous popular festivals throughout the year, including the Rochester International Jazz Festival and the Rochester International Film Festival.

However, there is more to love about Rochester than meets the eye. Numerous artists have used their exceptional skills over the years to pay tribute to all that this city offers and stands for. Whether you don a Rochester skyline shirt or one of our other shirt styles, you can express your love for this city while raising awareness of its impressive heritage and historical significance.

Meaning Behind Rochester’s Flower Symbol

Many of our shirt designs showcase the city’s famous flower symbol. This symbol features five rounded petals with bars running through each petal. Rochester is dubbed the “Flower City,” and this symbol honors that nickname. As early as the mid-19th century, Rochester had a burgeoning nursery industry. Nurseries blossom around the outskirts of the city, but the most recognizable is that of George Ellwanger and his partner, Patrick Barry. These two men were responsible for creating the Mt. Hope Botanical and Pomological Gardens. It spanned across 650 acres and was the largest of its kind. Today, dozens of smaller and larger parks are scattered throughout this beautiful city.

Expression Through a Rochester NY Skyline Shirt

At first glance, a Rochester NY skyline shirt simply showcases cityscape artwork. However, every structure in Rochester’s skyline tells a story. For example, Kodak Tower was the tallest and most recognizable building in the city for decades until the Xerox Square Tower was built. While these two famous buildings have both been passed by several taller buildings, the dominance of their height and classic architecture remains. In addition to these buildings, the Susan B. Anthony-Frederick Douglas Bridge has an identifiable arch. Other iconic landmarks featured on the Rochester NY skyline shirt are the First Federal Plaza building, the Genesee Beer & Ale sign, High Falls and numerous other features. This is a hand-drawn shirt created by local artist Alexandros Hatzigiannidis.

History Behind a Federick Douglas Shirt

Frederick Douglass is among the most recognizable abolitionists. He was born a slave in Maryland, and he escaped at a young age to ultimately make a huge impact on the anti-slavery movement over the years. While he lived in several areas of the years, he founded The North Star in Rochester while living in this city. This is one of the most significant abolitionist newspapers. With a circulation of more than 4,000, its messages reached Europe and several Caribbean islands. Frederick Douglas was a profound orator as well as a diplomat for several years, but he also made a huge statement by living his life as a counter-example to combat typical views about slaves being inferior to free men at the time. The Federick Douglas shirt features his image as well as the Rochester skyline and flower symbol.

Support for Women’s Rights Through a Susan B Anthony Shirt

Susan B. Anthony’s role as an activist started in her teen years when she collected anti-slavery petitions. While she later would become New York’s representative for the American Anti-Slavery Society, she was most well-known for her role in the first for women’s suffrage and for promoting the expansion of women’s rights. She founded the American Equal Rights Association, the National Woman Suffrage Association, the Women’s Loyal National League and The Revolution newspaper. Through her efforts to draw attention to women’s rights in various ways, public perception evolved dramatically throughout her many decades of activism. Our Susan B Anthony shirt features her image and her home, which is a national historic landmark located in Rochester. It also showcases the cityscape and Rochester’s flower symbol.

Clothing is the perfect way to express your individuality and to make important statements about your beliefs and passions. Rochester has played an exceptional role in national history over the years through some of its most prominent and influential citizens. At the same time, the city has developed a unique culture and heritage of its own. Explore our shirt collection to find a statement piece that speaks to you.