The Susan B. Anthony Screen Print Poster 13 X 19

The Susan B. Anthony Screen Print Poster 13 X 19

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Rochester themed art piece celebrating one of our greatest heros of all time.  

Meant to promote a real fighter for the people Rochester's very own Susan B. Anthony sacraficed having a normal life for her cause.

Anthony continueisly fought for womens rights, she dedicated her life to the Womens Suffrage movement and because of this she sacraficed her own personal life to the never ending work.  This led her to literally use her house as the base for the movement.  This meant people constantly over, in and out and not at all private. 

She firmly believed in the importance of education and made sure women had access to it!   She never backed down even in danger

Anthony also focused an extreme amount of energy to anti-slavery advocacy helping the abolitionist movement.

As a result of all this work she was constantly speaking to the public and they were often violent and hostile crowds that put her in danger way.  Her and very good friend Stanton were able to generate hundreds of thousands of signatures petition drives for freedom for slaves.