New York City Screen Print Poster 13 X 19

New York City Screen Print Poster 13 X 19

Gods N Gladiators

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Rochester themed art pieces have brought me a lot of attention.  That usually comes with a lot of questions and requests.  Of course I want to make other cities in to wonderful skyline collages.  New York City was the first city after Rochester to be mashed up.   It is the King of all Cities on the Globe.  The earth is big and there is no place on earth that matches the incredible architecture, history and culture fused in to one area like the "Big Apple".   


I walked up and down Manhattan until my feet were literally bleeding taking photos.  I was able to get some bird eye view shots too.  I have so many pictures I feel like I only got a small percentage of the city.  It just goes on fore ever. 

This is the first NYC of many art pieces to come.  Stay tuned.

Hand Screen Print on Paper Board .028" thick.  Designed and printed in Gods n Gladiators studio with a ton of perfect imperfections as most hand screen prints are.