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Express Yourself Through Rochester Skyline Art

Finding the right decorations for your home’s walls is challenging for several reasons. You understandably need to find art that looks great with the room’s color scheme and style, but you also want your home décor to stand apart from décor in your friends’ and neighbors’ homes. Your home expresses your individuality, so your décor must be original. Artwork from Gods N Gladiators is unique and beautiful, and it may be the right decorating solution that you have been searching for.

A Closer Look at Gods N Gladiators

Alexandros Hatzigiannidis is a long-time Rochester resident and artist. Since 2007, he has been creating gorgeous wall art and wearable art at his Gods N Gladiators studio. His preferred muse is most often the city that he knows and loves. While other themes are featured in some of his pieces, the city’s individuality and uniqueness are heavily portrayed. Alexandros understands that your environment is an essential part of who you are and who you may become. His artwork celebrates all that Rochester is and stands for on a personal level that he is closely connected to. Many local residents share his affinity for Rochester and are drawn to his artwork as a result.

Rochester - A City Rooted in Culture and Creativity

When you check out the many pieces of wall art and wearable art currently available for sale through Gods N Gladiators, you will come across numerous styles of Rochester skyline art pieces. The skyline may be the central focal point or a peripheral aspect of the piece. Rochester is a city that is deeply rooted in culture and creativity, and the skyline represents this quality. The city is home to inventions like the mail chute, the automobile, and even Jell-O. More than that, Rochester has been home to numerous well-known and influential figures over the years who have transformed the country through their efforts. For example, our Frederick Douglas art recognizes this profound abolitionist and historic icon, and it pays tribute to his exceptional contributions. Our Susan B Anthony art celebrates the impact that this women’s rights leader made tirelessly throughout her entire adult life. 

Statement Pieces for Your Home

Hangable artwork from Gods N Gladiators is unique, spirited and meaningful. Rochester skyline art celebrates the beauty of the city, its evolution and what it stands for to its residents. Artwork presents different elements of the city, including its beauty, mystique, and power at different timed of the day. Patriotism, love, invention and other themes that represent the city are also showcased in artwork at the studio for Gods N Gladiators. The skilled and passionate artist uses canvas, screenprint posters, and paper board as media. Yellows and greens are heavily used in many pieces created by Alexandros Hatzigiannidis, but hues like blue, green, red, black and others are also dominant. His pieces have strong lines and make bold statements in obvious and muted ways alike, and they may be ideal for use in your home décor.

Artwork You Relate To

When decorating your home, you understandably need to find artwork that appeals to you from an aesthetic standpoint and that adds the perfect finishing touch to your room. The pieces selected should have the right color scheme and style for your home, but they also need to be relevant or relatable to you. Your home décor reflects your beliefs, personality, and style. As important as it is for your home décor to look great on the surface, it must be unique and say something bold about who you are through the individual pieces incorporated into the space. When you select Frederick Douglas art, Susan B Anthony art or other pieces from the Gods N Gladiators collection, you are choosing meaningful artwork that reflects what you stand for and where you came from.

While there are many ways to decorate your home’s walls, making a hasty selection based purely on aesthetics may be regrettable. A hasty decorating decision often leads to an impersonal space that you fail to connect with. The best way to ensure that your home décor is as unique as you are is to select artwork that appeals to you and represents your values or beliefs in various ways. Now is the ideal time to review our unique Rochester-themed art and other available styles of hangable artwork on display in our studio or online. Gods N Gladiators regularly produces new and exciting pieces, so we encourage you to check back regularly as you continue to look for the right hangable art that is ideal for your home décor.