Personal project intentions are to create designs that celebrate life and provoke thoughts of prosperity through screen printed posters, t-shirts and any other medium.  I enjoy designing aesthetically pleasing art and apparel with symbolic meaning while spreading mindful/heartful messages that apply to life in general.

Educate Everyone Everything.  

I've been designing and printing my own T-Shirts since 2008. I started off with a 50 dollar screen printing kit from the local art store and it snowballed in to what is my current business today.
All designs are original works and are hand printed in my house garage here in Rochester, NY. 

You may have seen me vending at the Rochester Public Market or an event such as the Fairport Canal Days or even just right out side of Aaron's Alley on Monroe Avenue. I love staying in touch with whats new and on the streets is where all the raw action goes down. It all has to start somewhere, I love being there for it. Its where it all starts. True art from the ground level on up through out the world.


Had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Lovely Warren of Rochester, NY.