City of Destiny 18

City of Destiny 18" x 24" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

Gods N Gladiators

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Hand Screen Printed on 18" x 24" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

Rochester is a special city... It's different. I was vending at the public market last week and I was having this very conversation with a couple who had stopped by to pick up a print to show off their Rochester pride. We were talking about driving over the Broad Street Bridge at dusk and looking out over our city, "It's beautiful!" New York, San Francisco, LA, these cities may be synonymous with beautiful US skylines, but yet, Rochester's skyline has a sort of magic to it, a magic that cannot be replicated in any other city in the world. We are special and while our city has gone through a number of rises and falls... we are destined to rise once more!

Each piece is purposely created to give an individual look and feel and all canvases are hand screen printed with perfect imperfections.