Frederick Douglass 16

Frederick Douglass 16" x 20" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

Gods N Gladiators

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Hand Screen Printed on 18" x 24" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

A tribute to Frederick Douglass, a great man who changed the world.  

Born a enslaved he tought himself how to read.  He eventually escaped and landed a free life and used his experience to become the national leader of the abolitionist movement.  He eventually landed and stayed the majority of his life in Rochester, NY.  His work was ever demanding and his words moved many souls.  He is still regarded as one of the world's most brilliant orators.  He sacraficed his own personal life to the never ending work that he never got to see the full extent of.  

Each piece is purposely created to give an individual look and feel and all canvases are hand screen printed with perfect imperfections.