Soul Full of Light Screen Print Poster 13 X 19

Soul Full of Light Screen Print Poster 13 X 19

Gods N Gladiators

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 This art piece is a collaboration between me and Maia A'Brams Horvath.  She is a local Rochester, NY Artist like me.  She is super talented and I was lucky enough to do a collaboration withe her on this piece.  She actually painted the lady in water color.  Then I photographed it and I added my own little magic and made a screen.

I asked Maia what was the lady thinking in the art work and she answered:

"That is for you to interpret" 


All posters are hand screen printed with perfect imperfections that make each and every piece a bit different from the next.  In this case when screen printing I always try to press the graphics as sharp and crisp as possible.  The background due to the nature of the ink will be slightly different from one print to the next.  But over all look and aesthetics will be consistent and true.   What will be different is the texture and color hue and or thickness of ink pressed.  We hope you enjoy yours.  

Printed on acid free, slightly flexible .028" thick chipboard.