"Standing Tall" Monoprint Thick Hoodie Size: 2X

Gods N Gladiators

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With the "Monoprint Garments," the apparel becomes a blank art canvas on which I print in the same style as one of the larger pieces of wall art. Printing all over the shirt in an unorthodox method, this painstakingly long process ensures a unique and individual look to each and every garment. This is the only shirt in the world like it, no two works will ever be the same! The apparel we wear is a vehicle through which we express ourselves, express yourself with a truly one-of-a-king shirt!


It is a functional art piece.  

All garments are hand tie dyed, hand screen printed, washed and dried in house.

Wash normally no special requirements needed.

Printed on J America Brand.  It is super super soft and durable.  It's great for a rigorous work out at the gym and just amazingly cozy for relaxing in.  Super Super Soft!  Super tuff!

55% cotton, 39% polyester, 6% rayon