"Flower City Logo" Thin Hoodie

Gods N Gladiators

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The Flower City logo is more than just a pretty graphic symbol.  It represents the city of Rochester, NY where people like Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas laid their roots and ultimately changed the course of equality as we know it.  In Rochester this symbol has taken a very personal role in our lives and we want to show that love.  We have had our ups and downs but we are always thinking forward.  This to us is the meaning of the Flower/Flour City logo....and what better way to show it than wearing a beautiful Rochester printed garment that expresses all of that pride and joy.

Thin like a T-Shirt for those in between cold and not so worm days when a thick hoodie is just too much. This works just perfectly to keep the body temperature right at a comfortable level.  

Super super stretchy and super super soft.  Perfect for an intense work out at the gym and great for just relaxing in. 

50% polyester /25% cotton /25% rayon