"Flower Sky" 18" X 24" on Canvas

Gods N Gladiators

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Title: Flower Sky 

INK (Not Paint) on Canvas
18" X 24"

Hand Screen Printed on Canvas with plastisol screen printing ink, not paint! 
Each piece is purposely created to give an individual look. 

When creating my work it's hard to print an other layer on or the main piece even bc I place them all differently.  So I'm not sure what the outcome will be. Its a very unorthodox method of printing but it creates a unique look and feels fresh everytime. Not all are pretty at first but I just keep adding layers untill I am satisfied......or it sells then that is that. But other wise I feel like I could add layer after layer sometimes.

This hangable art piece has a Goddes and Warrior like character taking center stage with a collage of random prints as a backdrop.