Title: Mercury of ROC  18

Title: Mercury of ROC 18" x 24" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

Gods N Gladiators

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Title: Mercury of ROC

18" x 24" 

Monoprint on Flat Canvas

The Rochester themed art is a big part of my portfolio. Hermes, AKA Mercury being a top of the old Aqueduct Building always inspired me to learn more about the Gods. The statue of Mercury stands out among the Rochester Skyline, completing the Wings of Progress that rise above our great city, crafting this perfect message of prosperity and utopia. 

In this piece, I focus on Mercury, one of the most complicated Gods known for  financial gains, commerce, eloquence, message, and communication, such an important part of art as a medium of expression.

Each piece is purposely created to give an individual look and feel and all canvases are hand screen printed with perfect imperfections.