Lady Rochester 18

Lady Rochester 18" x 24" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

Gods N Gladiators

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Hand Screen Printed on 18" x 24" Monoprint on Flat Canvas

As a city, Rochester has gone through many different changes, we've seen the rise of massive empires such as Kodak and Xerox and housed true warriors like Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglass... but it is not only those grand instances that we see such a spirit of perseverance in the Rochester community, we are a city that holds a heart of glory at the center of each and every thing we do. We revolve around this heart, we let it drive us to pursue our dreams and interact with those around us. We may not be a city of champions quite yet but who needs that, for we have something even better... we are a city of warriors!

Each piece is purposely created to give an individual look and feel and all canvases are hand screen printed with perfect imperfections.