The Gladiator

The Gladiator

Gods N Gladiators

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The Gods N Gladiators helmet has come to represent strength with in patience and perseverance for the modern day fighter of the people.  This fighter may have never worn a single piece of armor or carried any weapons at all. But their tongue is their sword and their actions as fierce as the battle ground.  

Frederick Douglass, Anne Douglass and Susan B. Anthony are souls that constantly put themselves in harms way and fought harder than most gladiators in the arena for the benefit of others.  

These are the fighters that I want to associate the Helmet with.  The Men and Women who dedicate their hearts to that of humanity. Elevating millions of souls and altering minds to a forward thinking movement.  It takes more than fearless guts and brutal strength but that of mindful strategy and a true relentless heart for the masses.