Spirit + Thread Collaboration

Our Mission

Krista from "Spirit + Thread Crochet" and I are collaborating to start using our hand crafted art to give help and support to those who suffer from domestic violence.  And help in fighting to end modern day slavery and sex trafficking.  This is so important to us. We live a free life but there are people out there right in front of us who are suffering but you would never know it.

When one of Krista's Crochet pieces sell we will be donating $20 to the organization Willow Domestic Violence Center


All crochet wearables are hand made by krista and then printed by me.  She spends hours making one garment so it's extremely time consuming for her to produce. But the effort will be for a worthy cause and adding the Flower city logo gives it the spirit we know this city of Rochester for.
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Photographer: Maddy Nguyen


Gods N Gladiators Original Art

The Unique art of Gods N Gladiators is a rare style of mainly screen printed works and mixed media. 

Gods N Gladiators, Rochester NY Artists

In 2007, Alexandros Hatzigiannidis created the Rochester themed art and clothing studio and named it Gods N Gladiators. With a wide range of Rochester themed art and clothing items, customers can be sure that every dollar spent goes back into the creation of more fascinating works. Every piece is created in-house, and he is personally invested in each creation. Keeping the art of screen printing alive in the digital age requires an unusually high level of dedication to the craft.

At Gods N Gladiators, patrons benefit from the fusion of old techniques with modern aesthetics. If you have an appreciation for the Rochester area, be sure to check out these vibrant, innovative monoprint designs. Enjoy the variety of themes that highlight the Rochester NY art scene. They combine the visual interest of this industrial town with a tasteful local flourish. This old school craft has been taken to another level by the Rochester NY pop artists at Gods N Gladiators.

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